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Align45 Branding + Web Design

Branding, Web Design


Natalia offers unique, personalized sessions that integrate the body, mind and soul through movement t, meditation and energy work. She wanted a brand feel that was earthy, yet modern and clean.

For her logo, I drew inspiration from the Buddhist unalome symbol, which represents an individual's journey towards transcendence throughout life. I abstracted that idea and transformed the numbers "4" and "5" together to create a geometric representation of the idea. I used a geometric sans serif font to pair with the icon for a modern feel.

I designed her website, integrating her logo and brand colors into an easy-to-navigate site that showcases her unique services. The site features soft lines and calming colors while feeling spacious, clean and inviting.

"You took my ideas & gave me amazing options. The logo feels 100% “me”- design & colors. The website resonates what Align45 is about on all levels and this is so important to me. From a business standpoint, it rocks! From a soul standpoint, it deeply reflects and resonates with who I am, what I offer, & why I do what I do. You captured it all & worked your magic!"
- Natalia Martin, Align45 founder

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