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Design is thinking made visual

-Saul Bass



  • More about my experience & background
    I received a B.S. in Conservation & Resource Studies with a minor in Forestry from the University of California, Berkeley, which gave me a solid foundation in understanding environmental management, ecological philosophy and sustainable agricultural systems. During this time, I deepend my connection with the natural world, which has since inspired and driven most of my design concepts and styles. After graduating, I worked on a diversified organic farm in Oregon, where I learned about the various processes and systems supporting a working eduational farm. We lived off the land and worked together in community, growing food, raising animals and celebrating the harvest. Supporting ecologically-driven and community-based organizations, like these farms, is central to my ethos, and I work to enhance their visual identities. After a couple years of farm life, I traveled the world for two years. I spent time in South America, Southeast Asia, New Zealand and the west coast of the US, learning how to build with bamboo and harvest cacao, soaking up the art and culture if each place. Experiencing such diverse cultures and landscapes gave me insipration for unique color palettes, patterns and design aesthetics I had never seen before. When I returned to Southern Oregon, I poured myself into learning about graphic design, taking classes at the local community college to strengthen and hone my design skills. Since then, I have been offering graphic design services for over three years. I have worked with a wide range of clients, from medical professionals to artisanal food business to regenerative farms. My diverse background lends itself to serving a diverse clientele, as I can understand more deeply different needs and aesthetics of their industry. I strive to work with small businesses that support ecological and social missions, to co-create a better and more compassionate future.

This type of visual thinking is indeed what fuels my design process. It is a way to solve a problem by visually communicating to an audience, in a time when visual media is indispensably powerful.

Connecting with people and their passions is my own passion. The design process is a dynamic one - one that involves diving into the client's world and understanding their audience. I find this process exciting and strive to deliver the most effective solution for the client. It is a personalized process, and one that requires acute understanding and attention to detail. I can't wait to start a project together!


While designing my logo, Nina was able to interpret the esoteric suggestions I had for how I wanted the logo to look and feel. Being a woman-owned farm, I wanted that to come across in the design. She made multiple versions of the logo and was happy to make changes and tweak the design so that it fit exactly what I was looking for.


Her flexibility and great communication were helpful during this process. Also, her artistic ability is amazing, she has a very diverse artistic talent. She had creative suggestions and took initiative to create branding for my business. She selected everything, and it was all very appropriate for my farm style. 


Nina is just an amazing person to spend time with. I highly recommend Nina for any Graphic Design job. She will get the job done, and done well!

-Gillian, Rogue Artisan Foods





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