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Related - Affordable Housing Logo Design

logo design


Related California is one of the largest developers and operators of housing in California, with over 15,000 affordable apartments built for families, seniors and low-income individuals. They work with cities, governments and local communities to provide healthy, affordable housing that takes the residents' needs into account. Their developments offer a variety of community amenities, including skills building classes, workout rooms, social activities and health and wellness events.

One of their new projects, Lantern Terrace, is located in Alhambra, a city in the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles county. Alhambra has one of the highest percentages of Asian residents within LA county, especially Chinese and Taiwanese cultures. Together with the Related development team, we decided to choose a lantern as the imagery to celebrate the Asian influence in the area as well as the many symbolic meanings associated with lanterns, including hope and good fortune.

The logo design was inspired by the exterior design concept of the building, with a linear, architectural style and reddish, brick-colored facade. The abstracted lantern motif is built with the letters “L”and “T” to represent “Lantern Terrace.”

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