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Branding, Logo Design


FIIt & FLOW is a boutique fitness studio located in Ashland, Oregon that is all about community, acceptance, and movement. They offer a space where people can come to work out, build confidence, and push themselves physically and spiritually. From yoga classes, sculpt, pilates, HIIT and strength training classes, FIIT & FLOW provides a variety of classes for all levels.

For their logo redesign, they wanted a more minimal, feminine look that represented the balance between strength & softness. They wanted to encapsulate the values of connectedness & confidence. through more abstracted symbolism. They wanted to retain the hexagon shape in the original logo, as well as the peacock teal color.

We came up with a lighter, more flexible logo design that could be used in a variety of formats, whether on the studio walls, on apparel or digitally on the website. I integrated hand drawn shapes, including a hexagon and circle to be layered and intertwining to reflect the community and acceptance of all shapes. I updated the font with a modern, yet approachable look that balanced the imagery.

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