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ClimateCon! Branding Design

branding, print design


The ClimateCon! Boulder team was made up of 100% volunteers working together to create an inspiring, positive event around collective climate action. The climate convention celebrated solutions, showcased new ideas and entertained everyone along the way, all while offering hope for the future.

I was brought on the team as the brand designer, working with a collaborative team to redesign the old brand look. The redesign was inspired by "happy geometry" to infuse positivity in the oftentimes dismal arena of climate change. Together, we created a bold, bright color scheme and updated the logo to include a more unique exclamation point, which is central to the brand and the "collective action." I developed the brand guidelines and templates for all brand media, including posters, social graphics and signage.

The Boulder event took place on May 31, 2024 and featured over 45 panelists and experts in the climate sphere, including transportation, regenerative food systems, policy and legislation, and clean energy.

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